Management Consulting

BCG has skilled consultants that provides solutions to unique and complex business challenges. They work with clients to understand their company and strategic objectives. Leveraging deep industry knowledge and insight to enable operational effectiveness.

Our knowledge, and experience in business strategy and operating models allow businesses to build strong products and services to enable strategic positioning while creating a competitive advantage.

Bridgewater works closely with clients where we offer a full compliment of services that address Top-of-Mind issues that businesses face today. We provide thoughtful insights into key business challenges such as, developing strategies and tactics that will address each challenge and chart roadmaps to enable and deploy change. Our services include helping our clients enhance customer experiences, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform and grow business.

Our Practices Include:

  • Business Advisory

    Business Advisory

    • Business Advisory
      • Enterprise Performance Optimization
      • HR Strategy
      • Technology Enablement
      • Business Strategies and Analytics
      • Knowledge Management
      • Information Management
    • Business Performance Improvement
      • Program/Project Management
      • Process Management/Process Reengineering
      • Organizational Change and Workplace Transformation
  • Strategic Analysis Assessment & Planning

    Strategic Analysis Assessment & Planning

    • Strategic Analysis Assessment & Planning
      • Strategic and Integrated Planning
      • Operational Planning
      • SWOT Analysis and Strategy Mapping
      • Roadmaps for building sustainable strategies
  • Performance Management

    Performance Management

    • Performance Management
      • Balanced Scorecards
      • Building organizational effectiveness
      • Development and alignment of corporate and department SLIs and KPIs to deliver improved results
  • Organizational Change Management

    Organizational Change Management

    • Organizational Change Management
      • Culture and Business Readiness Assessments
      • Change Management
      • Talent Management and Coaching
      • Culture Transformation
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