Business Strategy

Disruptive market forces have changed the Utilities industry in ways contemplated but not realized decades past. Today, technology has fueled industry-wide digital innovations that have touchpoints within organizations and directly with customers through multiple channels. Digital transformation has led to more than just systems upgrades; it has become a critical component of Utilities organizations’ strategic efforts to create transformative customer experiences, fully optimized employees, and better position the utility as it evolves with the future.

Beyond regulatory policy challenges, technological advancements have altered traditional load patterns, increased budgetary pressures, evolved consumer expectations, and driven conversations related to asset management. They have empowered organizations’ ability to collect valuable customer data through advancements such as Smart Meters, operating IoT, sensor explosion, and edge computing. These information improvements, combined with technology, have fostered new opportunities when coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and Machine Learning (ML).

Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

We understand that the Utilities industry’s transformation must balance and solve many legacy and current challenges with multiple seemingly competing objectives. Getting this right is crucial to any successful Business Strategy outcome. These strategic paths taken today will continue to impact customers for years to come. Organizations must critically evaluate their business and operating models, human capital management, budgets, and strategic planning to improve safety with operational efficiencies, deliver high-quality customer experiences, strengthen targeted investments, all while providing a cleaner sustainable energy future.

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