Customer Experience

The digital revolution and technology have transformed the Utilities industry. In response to their customers’ evolving needs and wants, organizations are now providing more services and improving their existing offerings. Utilities’ increased data quantity and its granularity make it mandatory for these organizations to achieve enhanced customer experiences.

This information enables customer presentation to be more accurate and better understood. Increased customer presentation use has also progressed Utilities’ understanding of the customer journey. However, increased digital interactions between Utilities and its customers have led to security challenges and data sharing concerns about its duty to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII). These interactions drive a stronger analytics platform fueled by data that produces critical insights about Utilities’ customers, including their preferences and patterns.

Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

Collectively, these advancements lead to more robust service offerings and programs. Further, they can empower robotics and automation opportunities that can foster customers’ self-service that, when delivered well, can effectively deliver cost savings not only for customers but for the Energy organization as well.

We deeply understand that with additional and improved resources, energy has increasingly become two-way – customers are not only taking from the grid but also adding to its energy supply with Distributed Energy Resources (DER), including solar and wind power. Technology and the timeliness of data provides Utilities with valuable knowledge to support load, DER, and forecasting.

We partner with organizations to help them make the best strategic use of their resources, data, and human capital to encourage compelling customer experiences.

Consulting Group Works
with Utilities to Provide:

  • Customer Process Modeling
  • Master Data Modeling
  • MDUS Functional & Technical Specifications
  • Customer Programs & Services
  • Performance Management
  • Load/DER Forecasting
  • Customer Analytics & Segmentation
  • Data Management & Governance
  • SAP and Oracle CRM&B
  • Digital Transformation
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Customer Billing