Network Services

In an era where digital infrastructure is crucial, our Network Services lead in technological innovation. We offer tailored Engineering & Operations Services to meet modern enterprises' needs. Our work ranges from designing Grid Data Centers to deploying TDM-IP and refreshing Microwave & Lightwave systems, ensuring seamless connectivity. We specialize in Netcomm Radio configurations and Field Area Network Engineering, emphasizing Operational Readiness and effective Procurement and Use Case development.

Our commitment shines in our PLTE – P5G services as we move towards a 5G future. Beyond engineering, we are visionaries consulting on LTE/5G, developing new techniques and solutions to harness this technology fully.

Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

As your partner, we pledge to use our resources and expertise to drive your organization forward. Embracing the latest in network technology, we help achieve unparalleled connectivity, efficiency, and growth.

Consulting Group Works
with Utilities to Provide:

  • Engineering, Planning, Consulting and Technology awareness LTE/5G
  • Roadmap and Journey developing new techniques and solutions based on LTE/5G technology
  • PLTE/P5G Business Model Creation and Assessments
  • PLTE/P5G Network Technical Architecture
  • Mobile Edge Computing and Network Slicing
  • PLTE/P5G Business Plan
  • Assess Spectrum Needs, Refarming and New Allocations