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Business Need

  • System integration & advanced research project
  • Integrate Distributed Control Architecture
  • Implement Distribution System Operator (DSO)
  • Implement Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)
  • Integrate systems with Utility Integration Bus (UIB)
  • Integrate with a third-party aggregator
  • Enhance Utility interconnection process
  • Field pilot with customer-owned resources


  • Research & development project
  • Emerging technologies with multiple vendors and national lab
  • Evolving regulations and standards (e.g., Rule 21, IEEE 2030.5)
  • Emerging business model (e.g., DSO)
  • Customer engagement
  • Multiple funding sources
  • Reporting and documentation requirements at the federal and state levels
Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

Solution and

  • Developed a strong understanding of business requirements and use cases
  • Identified source systems and necessary data to satisfy use cases
  • Developed strong vendor and client relationships
  • Developed functional and data requirements based on use cases
  • Identified data extraction methods and tools