Implement IT Service Management Platform - Large Electric Utility

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Business Need

  • Absence of standardized processes; inconsistent process execution
  • Use of multiple (4) ticketing systems and problem/knowledge management tool
  • Multiple, scattered sources of data on assets, incidents, and problems; lack of data visibility across the organization
  • Need consistent tracking of outages to ensure system interruptions are minimized


  • Highly complex environment that is critical to operations and Grid Management
  • All process changes require integration and alignment with NERC CIP regulations
  • Staff is reluctant to change as they have been operating under existing model for 10+ years
  • The technical solution must work across multiple layers of network segmentation and cyber security controls
Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

Solution and

  • Facilitated the development and execution of:
  • Kickoff meetings with internal and external stakeholders
  • Integrated Grid use cases
  • Business Value Realization
  • Roadmap and Implementation Plan
  • Proving the communications, controls, and protocols