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Business Need

  • No documented processes reflecting the end-toend work performed in NDPM
  • Establish consistent and repeatable processes and practices that will produce predictable results across the NDPM Team
  • No defined work standards and expected cycle times to hold PM accountable for the work that they perform
  • Improve reporting capabilities and tracking of projects in flight and projects in pipeline for forecasting
  • No routine status reporting to internal and external stakeholder developers on process cycle time or project progress toward completion


  • Processes and practices in support of the NDPM work varies by Project Manager
  • No defined performance metrics to manage progress of work and project completion
  • Cycle time between phases of work and overall project cycle time various by PM
  • Current tracking system not utilized by all the PMs to track and monitor status of projects within the portfolio
  • NDPM project updates are compiled and reported out on a manual basis; creating risks around accuracy and quality
Business Strategy Image
Business Strategy Image

Solution and

  • Reengineered intake process; reducing hand offs, improving integration, and using automation to improve efficiency. Reduced cycle time by 33%
  • Enabled consistent and repeatable processes with defined R & R
  • Improved Communications with internal Stakeholders by providing status updates to give visibility and awareness of progress of projects while setting expectations
  • Implemented Performance Management, supported by metrics and KPI reporting, which reduced backlog of projects, and # of projects placed on “Hold”
  • Provided “Quick Hits” and delivered recommendations